7 Year Old Calls 911 For Help


On June 6, 2014 Mack Reddoch called 911 and requested help for his little sister, Sidney Reddoch, who was experiencing a serious medical emergency at the time. Mack made the call for help while his mom Rebecca was tending to little Sidney during this critical moment.

“It should make us all proud when our youth step up to help in these type incidents, especially at such a young age. Mack is a brave young man and he handled this situation like a champ. Mack may choose a career in public safety one day, he shows he already has what it takes.” Sheriff Chuck Smith stated.

Mack was presented a certificate of appreciation for his action on that memorable day. Standing in for Sheriff Smith to present the certificate on behalf of the Meriwether County Sheriff’s Office is Deputy Rod Harris, Mack Reddoch the recipient, little Sidney and their mother Rebecca.

7/1/2014 – Major Drug And Fugitive Arrest

Sheriff Chuck Smith reported that on Tuesday, July 1, 2014, at about 0600 hours, approximately forty-five officers, four K-9 units, representing various law enforcement agencies, simultaneously converged on two homes on Kodiak Lane and a home on Keepsake Lane, Greenville, Georgia to carry out the execution of multiple search warrants. “We executed search warrants at 103 and 105 Kodiak Lane, Greenville, Georgia regarding the distribution of methamphetamine. We also went to 12 Keepsake Lane Greenville, Georgia to locate a wanted fugitive in reference to the charges of Armed Robbery out of Greenville, Georgia and Kidnapping out of Troup County, Georgia.” Smith advised.

“The search warrants executed at Kodiak Lane homes resulted from a joint eight month undercover operation with the Meriwether County Sheriff’s Office, our Narcotics Task Force and the DEA. The investigation also involved the Harris County Sheriff’s Office and the Troup County Sheriff’s Office through a collaborative investigation. Intelligence gathered during this investigation resulted in the arrest of Christopher Brent Jackson and his brother Harlan O. Jackson, both of Kodiak Lane, Greenville, Georgia. Additional arrest are pending of those involved in the distribution and trafficking in large quantities of methamphetamines. The location in which the brothers resided created a hardship on the investigative efforts. They had several layers of defenses in place that made the search warrant execution difficult. Once we had the right circumstances and best opportunity available we executed our search warrants. These search warrant executions and the continuous investigation turned up great results. We were able to seize seven kilograms (kilo’s) of methamphetamine, with an estimated street value of $420,000.00. That is approximately thirteen pounds of meth. We had additional seizures of U.S. Currency, seventeen motor vehicles, motorcycles, four-wheelers, and we are proceeding to seize the two houses and the parcels of land they are located on. We arrested Christopher Brent Jackson, B/M, 38 yoa., 602’ hgt., 198 lbs., blk hair, bro eyes, address: 103 Kodiak Lane, his wife Tiffany L. Jackson, B/F, 30 yoa., 505’ hgt., 205 lbs., blk hair, bro eyes, of 103 Kodiak Lane and Harlan Orlando Jackson B/M, 602’, 210 lbs., blk hair, bro eyes, of 105 Kodiak Lane, Greenville, Georgia for the offenses of Trafficking in Methamphetamine. These subjects are being held in the Meriwether County Sheriff’s Office Jail without bond. There is additional arrest pending and this investigation is still on-going.” Sheriff Smith said.

“We also went to a secondary location simultaneously and arrested a wanted fugitive. We went to 12 Keepsake Lane, Greenville, Georgia and arrested Patrick Lanail Bray B/M, 24 yoa, 511 hgt., 175 lbs., blk hair, bro eyes, address given of 362 Carter Street, Greenville, Georgia who was wanted for the offenses of Armed Robbery out of Greenville, Georgia and Kidnapping out of Troup County, Georgia. Bray having been on the run for about 2 years. U.S. Marshals tracked him to the location of his arrest. The location was surrounded and entry was made after verbal commands were given. Bray was located in a back bedroom lying in the bed and was found to be in possession of a loaded 45 cal. semi-auto handgun and a clear bag containing crack cocaine. Bray is being held in the Meriwether County Sheriff’s Office Jail charged with Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon, Possession of Crack Cocaine with intent to Distribute, and is being held on the outstanding warrants for Armed Robbery out of Greenville and Kidnapping out of LaGrange, Troup County, Georgia.” Sheriff Smith advised.

“I am very proud of all these law enforcement officers that were involved. We were able to run three separate operations simultaneously, safely and with great success. Harris County Sheriff Mike Jolley and I were both present and participated during operational briefings before the operations went down. I know that Mike is as proud of his guys as I am of mine along with the other agents and operatives that made this operation a great success. Getting one kilo of meth off the streets is great, but to get seven kilo’s off of the streets and the drug dealers in one operation is outstanding.

We got a dangerous fugitive off of our streets that was wanted for two years or more with the help of the U.S. Marshalls.” Sheriff Smith stated.

“Agencies involved in this operation include: Meriwether County Narcotics Unit, Patrol Deputies, K-9 Unit & Investigators, Narcotics Task Force, Federal Drug Enforcement Agency, DEA’s Clandestine Lab Teams, U.S. Marshalls Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force (SERFTF), Harris County Sheriff’s Office Deputies and K-9 Unit, Troup County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Unit and K-9 Unit, and the Georgia Department of Corrections K-9 Unit. Both the search warrant and fugitive arrest operation started in the early morning hours Tuesday, July 1st, and we completed it around 9 p.m. that same evening. So it was a long day, but one that was well worth it. This matter is still under investigation.” Smith advised.

“I am very appreciative to all of the agencies that assisted with bringing these operations to a successful conclusion and I hope that I did not leave anyone out.” Sheriff Smith stated.

6/21/2014 – Meriwether County Sheriff’s Office Kids Fishing Rodeo


On June 21, 2014 the Meriwether County Sheriff’s Office held its Kids Fishing Rodeo Event with a total of 20 youths in attendance. The event was at the Meriwether County Sheriff’s Office Training Complex in the adjacent county farm pond. The kids got to have some friendly competition for the biggest catch with each of them getting a fishing rodeo shirt and a door prize. The top four with the largest fish received an additional prize and they all got to eat a good lunch that was prepared for them.

“It was a great opportunity for me and members of my staff to be able to bond with some of our area youth. This put us on a level of contact that was not so much about law enforcement but as stewards of our community. We were able to share with these kids the benefits of the outdoors and the sport of fishing. I strongly believe that if we can spend time with kids as a positive role model then maybe we won’t have to spend time looking for them later. We partner with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources each year in regard to this event. DNR Paul Jones comes each year and stocks the pond with fingerling catfish in order for us to hold the event. This year the kids caught a total of 44 catfish, 4 Bream and 1 Bass. We had local cub scouts and our recent graduates from the CHAMPS program in attendance for this year’s event. We attempted this in October of last year, but a cold snap came through and thwarted that effort. This was a good turn out and the kids had a very enjoyable time. Our motto that is printed on the fishing rodeo T-shirts is “Hooked On Fishing Not On Drugs” Sheriff Smith said.

“I greatly appreciate the help from all those that made this event a success, especially members of my staff who volunteered on their time off. I also appreciate our community sponsors who helped us with this in various ways. Those sponsors are Kimble’s Commissary, Academy Sports and Outdoors, Ingles (Woodbury), Cedar Rock Outdoors, and Roses. Anyone that would like to view the full array of photos can preview them on our webpage meriwethercountysheriff.org” Sheriff Smith stated.


More pictures from the Sheriff’s Fishing Rodeo


6/25/2014 – Burglary Suspects Arrested After Several Pursuits

Sheriff Chuck Smith advised: “On June 9, 2014 a report was filed by personnel of Complete Truck, located 2185 Hwy 85, Gay, Georgia that person(s) unknown did take two large box trucks and a large amount of tools, valued in excess of 100,000 dollars. This incident occurred on or between June 6th and June 9th, 2014. Based on intelligence that our Investigators developed from some of our surrounding jurisdictions we began concentrating on a subject identified as Billy Owens, Jr. We also obtained descriptive information on a female subject along with a vehicle tag number that was observed in the area during the time span of the incident occurrence. This information was obtained from numerous citizen witnesses during our canvas of the area. We also were able to link this vehicle at the scene of a burglary that occurred at Sutherland Farms on Ga. Hwy 85, south of Haralson, Ga.”

“On June 10, 2014 in a wooded area adjacent to the 8100 block of Mt. Carmel Road, Gay, Ga. our investigators and patrol units located one of the stolen box trucks deep in a wooded area based on some tipster information that we received. Our units recovered the stolen box truck which had been partially burned and was moderately damaged. Nearby the recovery scene we located the remnants of a meth lab in the wooded area that was fresh. On this same date a burglary was reported in the 8000 block of Mt. Carmel Road, Gay, Ga. in which approximately 7,000 dollars worth of lawn equipment was stolen. The burglary scene investigation revealed items of evidential value that linked the stolen box truck to the burglary scene.” Smith stated.

“On June 17, 2014 the other stolen box truck was involved in a pursuit involving the U.S. Marshalls in Cherokee County, Georgia. This was based on the information that we had put out state wide regarding our stolen vehicle and the suspects in the matter. The Marshalls were also tracking Owens regarding these numerous offenses for us and the other surrounding jurisdictions. According to our information the U.S. Marshalls were involved in a shooting incident with the box truck regarding the driver hitting an agent with the stolen vehicle from our jurisdiction. The driver of the stolen box truck wrecked the vehicle in a wooded area shortly after this event. The driver of the vehicle was positively identified as Billy Owens, Jr. Owens fled the scene on foot, however the passenger in the vehicle identified as Glenda Duncan was taken into custody. Recovered in the cargo area of the stolen box truck was all but two items that had been stolen in the Mt. Carmel Road burglary.” Smith advised.

“Our investigators traveled to Cherokee County, Georgia and processed the stolen box truck and the recovered stolen property. We then brought Duncan back to Meriwether County Sheriff’s Office Jail where she is being held for the offenses of motor vehicle theft x 2, Burglary x 2, and Arson.

On June 19, 2014 Billy Owens Jr. reportedly stole two additional vehicles in which he was involved in pursuits. He was later captured after wrecking one of these stolen vehicles in Lamar County, Georgia. Owens had made his way back down to Lamar County after wrecking our stolen box truck in Cherokee County just two days prior.

We were able to pick Billy Owens, Jr. up from the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office on June 19, 2014 and bring him back to our jail in order to get him processed on some of our charges. Owens was charged with Motor Vehicle Theft 2 counts, Burglary 1 count. We will indict him on the additional charges that we have against him. We transferred Owens back to the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office Jail in order for him to be picked up by Cherokee County. Owens will then be transferred to the U.S. Marshalls for Federal Charges. They will keep him in their custody as of now.” Sheriff Smith advised.

“This crime spree as we now know encompassed the counties of Fayette, Coweta, Pike, Spaulding, Lamar, Cherokee and Meriwether County, Georgia. Information obtained through our investigation revealed that Owens along with cohorts had been stealing property in and around our jurisdiction as well as from the North Georgia Mountains to Florida. Owens just recently was released from prison in February of 2014. We are still tracking down leads related to these offenses and will most likely be able to link him to several more offenses in our jurisdiction.

I appreciate the work and effort put forth by my personnel in helping bring these cases to a swift conclusion with arrest and the recovery of stolen property. Cpl. Nash, Deputy Holland, and the Patrol Division worked diligently on these cases. I definitely appreciate the witnesses coming forward and providing us with valuable real time information that was of tremendous help. All of the other agencies that have been involved and assisted with a collaborative effort we were able to bring this to a successful conclusion. I ask for the communities continued assistance and support in providing us with information regarding these matters. If anyone has any additional information regarding this matter or other illegal activities please give us a call at (706) 672-4489, callers can remain anonymous.” Sheriff Smith stated.

6/23/2014 – Governor’s Marijuana Task Force Eradication Helicopter Spots 2 Marijuana Grow Fields

Sheriff Chuck Smith advised that on June 12, 2014 members of the Meriwether County Sheriff’s Office and the Governor’s Marijuana Task Force executed a search warrant at 311 Glavine Street, Greenville, Georgia. Prior to the search warrant execution a spotter in the task force helicopter had observed marijuana plants growing along the wood line. Once ground units walked in they located live plants outside the residence along with other items indicative of an indoor marijuana grow operation. The search warrant execution revealed a greenhouse which contained a grow operation as well as processed marijuana located within the confines of the residence. There were 41 marijuana plants along with 22 pounds of processed marijuana recovered from the location with an estimated street value in excess of 283,000.00 dollars.

“This search warrant execution was part of an operation in which our CID and Patrol Division had been receiving some intelligence that marijuana was possibly being grown in the area. We had the Governor’s Marijuana Task Force fly the area while they were down our way. As it turns out our intelligence was accurate and we are pleased with the results. We have charges pending against Lanny Adams, Jr., W/M, approximately 6’ 1” in hgt., 192 lbs, 47 yoa., subject having resided in  Henry County, Georgia and has been known to frequent Coweta County, Georgia. If anyone has any information on the whereabouts of Adams, contact the Meriwether County Sheriff’s Office at (706) 672-4489 or call 911.” Sheriff Smith said.

“We also with the assistance of the air unit were able to locate a second marijuana grow that was discovered in the 2200 block of Trammel Road, Pine Mountain, Georgia. This resulted in the seizure of an additional 15 marijuana plants seized and one arrest. These plants having an estimated street value of 67,500.00 dollars. Arrested was James Earl Atherton, W/M, 74 yoa. 5’10” in hgt., 220 lbs, Gray hair, Blue eyes, of 2253 Trammell Road, Pine Mountain, Georgia. Atherton was charged with Possession and Manufacturing of Marijuana; he was transported to the Meriwether County Sheriff’s Office Jail and charged as stated.” Sheriff Smith advised.

“This operation was a success in our efforts to curb the illegal manufacture and distribution of drugs in our community. We had a recovery of 56 plants and 22 pounds of processed marijuana from two locations. One being an indoor/outdoor grow operation and the smaller one being an outside grow. I appreciate the work of my CID and Patrol Divisions, working in concert with my Narcotics Unit and information sharing. I also appreciate the resourcefulness of the Governor’s Marijuana Eradication Task Force. We would not have had this success without their help.” Smith advised.

“I ask for the communities continued assistance and support in providing us with information regarding these matters. If anyone has any additional information regarding this matter or other illegal activities please give us a call at (706) 672-3497 or (706) 672-4489, callers can remain anonymous.” Sheriff Smith stated.

5/14/2014 – Sheriff Smith Tours Mando Casting Facility

photo jane fryer, sheriff, congressman westmoreland, mando may 13, 2014

Meriwether County Development Authority President Jane Fryer,
Meriwether County Sheriff Chuck Smith and
U.S. Congressman Lynn Westmoreland

On May 13, 2014 Sheriff Chuck Smith and Meriwether County Development Authority President Jane Fryer met with Congressman Lynn Westmoreland at Mando #1 in the Meriwether County Industrial Park for a tour of the facility. Prior to viewing the operation of the plant, Congressman Westmoreland presented Sheriff Smith with a United States Flag, with certificate that was previously flown over the Capital. This was made possible through the efforts put forth by Mrs. Jane.

“It was a great opportunity for me and some of my command staff to tour the facility from a safety and operational standpoint. This allowed for us to have a better grasp of the facility layout in the event that calls for service were to arise. It was also a good opportunity for us to talk with Congressman Westmoreland again about issues that affect our agency at the federal level. Congressman Westmoreland’s Office recently helped our agency with a grant processing that was in limbo. I am very appreciative of his office getting that handled for us.” Sheriff Smith said.



More Pictures of Congressman Westmoreland and Sheriff Smith at Mando







Community Volunteers

photo community read mountain view elem. may 2014

 Mountain View Reading Program Volunteers

Back Row – CHAMPS Deputy Jody Holland, Captain Gregg Luescher, Lieutenant Royce Thompson

Front Row – Deputy Rod Harris, Mrs. Robin McInvale, SRO Deputy Alva Sullivan,Mrs. Annie Louise Hobson, SRO Sergeant Roxie Hightower, Mrs. Deana Brown, School Security Officer John Sanders


Sheriff Chuck Smith wanted to inform the citizens about a program in the schools that his agency has been involved with along with various other community businesses and community volunteers. “On May 1, 2014 our personnel had the pleasure of reading to the 1st grade and 4th grade students at Mountain View Elementary School. We also read to the students at Unity Elementary on April 21st, 2014. This program has been spearheaded by Robin McInvale and Pepper Connell who have been instrumental in the success of this program. We are more than happy to help in this endeavor to help our youth. There are studies that show that kids that read or have books read to them at an early age have an increased chance of graduating high school. There are many others in this community who have given their time and effort to benefit this program. They are to be commended and my hats off to them.” Sheriff Smith stated.

“We are also involved in another program called “Real Men Read.” This has been a very satisfying program to be involved in as well. It has allowed for me and my personnel to have a positive interaction with the future of our community. Our SRO’s have been a major part of this success. All of these programs being put forth to benefit our youth is rewarding all the way around.”Smith advised.

4/30/2014 – Drug Related Arrest

Press Release

Sheriff Chuck Smith reported that on April 30, 2014 about 1015 hours the Meriwether County Sheriff’s Office Patrol and Narcotics Division responded to 486 Cove Road, Woodbury, Ga. in reference to assisting the U.S. Marshals with an arrest warrant service. The U.S. Marshals having an arrest warrant for Ronald Lewis Kirkwood, B/M, 52 yrs old., of the same address.

Sheriff Smith stated that “as our units moved in to secure the perimeter of the location, Patrol Sergeant Scott Burke observed in plain view on the back porch a clear mason jar containing narcotic packaging material and suspected illegal narcotics. After Kirkwood was taken into custody at the location units detected a strong odor of marijuana coming from within the confines of the residence. At that time our Narcotics Unit obtained a search warrant for the location. Upon the execution of the search warrant our units located 43.8 grams of Heroin, 89.8 grams of cocaine, 125.6 grams of suspected crack cocaine still in “cookie” form, digital scales and other related drug packaging material. Kirkwood was taken into Federal Custody on a Federal Probation Violation. Kirkwood will be brought back to our agency to be charged with the drug offenses.”

“This is one of many incidents that occur where we go out to a location in regard to a warrant service or other related call for service and it turns out to be much more than was originally suspected. We have to be ever vigilant in our service to the community and every time we get the chance to remove an offender from our neighborhoods we are going to do it. I appreciate the work done by our Patrol Division, Narcotics Division and the assistance provided by the Marshals Service.” Sheriff Smith said.

4/26/2014 – Drug Related Arrest

Press Release

Sheriff Chuck Smith reported that on April 26, 2014 about 1932 hours a traffic stop was conducted on Woodbury Highway, Greenville, Ga. on a blue in color Toyota Corolla in reference to a moving traffic violation. The vehicle had two occupants inside at the time of the stop. While Deputy John Starnes was conducting the traffic investigation in this incident, a strong odor of marijuana was detected coming from within the vehicle once the driver’s side window was rolled down. The driver also could not produce a valid driver’s license upon lawful request.  Further investigation into this matter revealed that the driver later identified as Nicholas Juan Elliott B/M, 26 yoa., had a suspended license. The front seat passenger later identified as Xavier Matez Elliott, B/M, 25 yoa., also provided false information during the encounter. During the course of the traffic investigation 14 individual plastic bags of marijuana, package for sale was located within the vehicle.

Sheriff Smith stated that this traffic investigation led to the arrest of both occupants of the vehicle. Nicholas Juan Elliott was charged with the offenses of Possession of Marijuana with the Intent to Distribute, Driving while License Suspended, Giving False Information and/or False Name. Xavier Matez Elliott was charged with the offenses of Possession of Marijuana with the Intent to Distribute and Giving False Information and/or False Name. Both subjects were transported to the Meriwether County Sheriff’s Office Jail and charged as stated. Nicholas Juan Elliott is currently in the Meriwether County Jail for violation of probation charges from Coweta County, Ga.

“I appreciate the work that my patrol division is doing in the community. They are not only performing their normal day to day job task in answering calls for service, but are instrumental in helping curb the drugs that are being distributed in our neighborhoods. We have had several such incidents where our investigations into moving traffic violations have resulted in drug arrest. We are going to increase that effort and only get better as we move forward.” Sheriff Smith said.

Kidnapping Suspect Being
Held Without Bond

Press Release

Kidnapping, Aggravated Assault, Possession of a Firearm during the Commission of a Crime


Date: January 29, 2014


Sheriff Chuck Smith advised that on January 27, 2013 about 1730 hours the Meriwether County Sheriff’s Office responded to the 2800 block of Sewell Road, Grantville, Georgia in regard to a reported kidnapping. Upon arrival on the scene deputies made contact with a female victim who reported that her estranged husband had forced her into his vehicle at gun point. The female then was transported to a secluded dirt road located in the area.

“During the course of this abduction and assault the female victim was able to gain possession of the firearm and was able to escape in the vehicle. She was very fortunate to be able to escape during this very volatile situation. Our investigation revealed that the male suspect had taken substantial steps to cause her grave bodily harm during this incident. We were able to determine this not only from witness statements but also from physical evidence found at the scene. This young lady chose to survive this horrendous incident and to escape. Her bravery is commendable. She was transported to an area hospital for treatment of her injuries.” Smith stated.

“We established a large scale perimeter and search of the area regarding this matter. Our last known location of the suspect being that he was on foot in the wooded area adjacent to the secluded dirt road. We brought in our tracking K-9 and had air support from the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office. However the suspect was able to elude capture at that time. The last known address on the suspect was in Troup County, Georgia. We had a bolo placed on this subject with all of our surrounding jurisdictions.” Smith advised.

“We were able to apprehend the offender, identified as Nathan Baker, W/M, 29 yoa., on 01/28/2014 at approximately 1500 hours. He was apprehended by our units in the northwest portion of Meriwether County.” Baker is being held without bond in the Meriwether County Sheriff’s Office Jail on the charges of Aggravated Assault, Kidnapping, and Possession of a Firearm during the Commission of a Crime. The charges being under the family violence act. I am very appreciative of the assistance that we received from the Hogansville and Grantville Police Departments as well as the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office.” Smith stated.

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