Meriwether County College Fair/Career Day

On March 26, 2015 Meriwether County Sheriff Chuck Smith along with the Meriwether County Sheriff’s Office School Resource Officers Lt. Thompson, Sgt. Hightower and Deputy Sullivan participated in the Meriwether County College Fair/Career Day activities. This event was held at Camp Meriwether located in Luthersville, Ga. with students from Manchester High and Greenville Middle/High Schools attending. This career day involved grades 9-12 with the students being in the 13 to 18 year age range.

Sheriff Smith and the SRO’s provided the students with handouts for a public service career in law enforcement specifically the qualifications to become a deputy sheriff. Topics included qualifications, training, and Georgia POST Standards.

“This was a great opportunity for us to reach out to our community youth and put a career choice in front of them that they may have not considered. We also had handouts for them related to “Making Good Choices”. That will be beneficial to them in whatever career path they take. I also had a special message for the youth in regard to illegal drugs and there negative effects, keeping our schools safe and how our SRO’s make a positive difference in our schools. I talked to the youth extensively regarding the dangers of meth. We were able to reach out and talk with approximately 250 students about a career in law enforcement. Overall I think we had a very good day. There were representatives at this event from various colleges, military branches and from the private sector that presented information to our youth. I appreciate all those that were involved in putting this event on and our School Resource Officers that helped make our part successful.” Sheriff Chuck Smith said.

FullSizeRenderPictured above: Sgt R. Hightower with Sheriff Smith


Arrest Made For Felony Theft by Taking from Dongwon

Meriwether County Sheriff Chuck Smith reported that an arrest was made and stolen property was recovered involving an employee of Dongwon, located at 475 Meriwether Park Drive, Hogansville, Meriwether County, Georgia.

“On 03/31/2015 Dongwon Administrative Personnel filed a report with the Meriwether County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division in reference to the theft of around 28 copper welding disc, valued in excess of ten thousand dollars. The incident was reported to have occurred on or between 03/25/2015 through 03/26/2015. Our Criminal Investigation Division along with the Patrol Division were able to quickly identify the suspect in this matter with the assistance of Dongwon Personnel. The suspect in this matter was an employee identified as Jackson Blake Thompson, W/M, 35 years of age, address listed as Howard Road, Shiloh, Georgia.” Sheriff Smith said.

“Once we identified Thompson as the perpetrator in this felony theft we obtained warrants for his arrest. Our personnel arrested Thompson without incident when he reported for work at Dongwon on 03/31/2015 around 2 p.m. Through further investigation into the matter by our investigators we were able to locate and recover the stolen disc. Thompson sold the stolen disc to Davis and Sons Scrap Yard, located in Hamilton, Harris County, Georgia. Additional charges are pending against Thompson in Harris County, Georgia related to the sale of the stolen disc in that jurisdiction.” Sheriff Smith stated.

Jackson Blake Thompson is currently being held in the Meriwether County Jail on bonds exceeding fourteen thousand dollars. Additional charges are pending in this investigation.

Multiple Search Warrants and Arrest Carried Out

Sheriff Chuck Smith reported that the Meriwether County Sheriff’s Office and the Upson County Multi-jurisdictional Task Force along with the Georgia Department of Parole executed numerous search warrants with multiple arrest on March 26, 2015.

“We had several back to back operations that we conducted on Friday, March 26, 2015 regarding the sale of and possession of narcotics. Meriwether County Sheriff’s Office personnel along with the Multi-jurisdictional Task Force executed a search warrant at 70 Teal Lane, Luthersville, Ga. Agents seized over 18 grams of methamphetamine, 9 grams of crack cocaine and over 37 grams of marijuana during the search of this location. The seized drugs have an estimated street value of over three thousand three hundred dollars. Deputies and Drug Agents also seized property that had altered serial numbers which are believed to be proceeds of the drug trade from this location. Warrants have been obtained for the offender in this matter, identified as Michael D. Marshall, B/M, 37 years of age, of 70 Teal Lane, Luthersville, Ga. for possession of these drugs with intent to distribute. This incident is an active investigation with additional charges pending.” Sheriff Smith stated.

“Meriwether County Sheriff’s Office personnel along with the Multi-jurisdictional Task Force executed a search warrant at 1 Maple Street, Manchester, Georgia. This is the second time that we have executed a search warrant at this location in the last two years. Agents seized marijuana from this location during the execution of this search warrant. Arrested was Tony Hall, B/M, 44 years of age, charges possession of marijuana, Elias Tuck, B/M, 25 years of age, possession of marijuana, and Raven Hall, B/F, possession of marijuana and probation violation out of the Manchester Police Department. Additional Charges are pending in reference to GBI Crime Lab results.” Sheriff Smith advised.

“We also had a request for assistance for the arrest of wanted fugitive by the Georgia Department of Parole at 441 Mulberry Road, Senoia, Meriwether County, Georgia. Meriwether County Sheriff’s Deputies, Multi-jurisdictional Task Force Agents and Officers with the Georgia Department of Pardons and Parole conducted a surveillance operation at the location in an attempt to locate and arrest Sean P. Smith, W/M, 41 years of age of that address. While conducting surveillance of the location Agents observed Sean Smith in the yard area of this secluded residence. Agents began to converge on the location from their hidden positions in the woods surrounding the location. As they made approach Sean Smith fled back into the front of the residence and then turned and fled toward the wood line where additional Officers with the Georgia Department of Pardons and Parole were waiting. They were able to successfully take Sean Smith into custody. A search of the residence revealed glass smoking devices with methamphetamine. Agents searched the residence and located over 31 grams of methamphetamine and over 32 grams of marijuana. The seizure of the drugs had an estimated street value of over four thousand two hundred dollars. Sean Smith was transported to the Meriwether County Sheriff’s Office Jail for the offenses of Trafficking in Methamphetamine, Possession of Marijuana more than an ounce and Parole Violation. Sean Smith has 30 years remaining on Parole and is being held without bond at the Meriwether County Sheriff’s Office Jail.” Sheriff Chuck Smith stated.

Jail Parking Lot Offered As Safe Zone

For a piece of mind and an added sense of security, the Meriwether County Sheriff’s Office is offering the use of its jail parking lot to potential buyers and sellers of items through online advertising sites.

Through various news sources we are learning criminals use these sites to perpetrate crimes against unsuspecting victims. “These transactions are occurring with people meeting face to face, stranger meeting stranger. Other area law enforcement agencies are doing this to simply safeguard the public from becoming victims of theft, robbery or worst. I think this is a great idea.” Meriwether County Sheriff Chuck Smith said.

“By simply saying, let’s meet in the parking lot of the county jail to negotiate the sell. If the person will not agree to this then you didn’t need to do business with them anyway,” the sheriff added.

The sheriff said the meeting should be done during normal business hours, Monday through Friday 8 – 5. We can have a deputy present during the transaction. The deputy can check the item’s serial number to make sure it hasn’t been reported stolen.

Suspicious Device Reported at Unity Elementary School

“On January 29, 2015 the Meriwether County Sheriff’s Office, Luthersville Police Department, Georgia State Patrol and the Georgia Bureau of Investigations, along with other first responder units responded to Unity Elementary School in Luthersville, Ga. in regards to a suspicious device that was located at one of the entrance/exits to the school. All emergency procedures were put in place to ensure the safety of the school children and school personnel in their evacuation from the location. Once our units arrived on scene we were able to conduct an investigation into the item that was reported. Further investigation by the Meriwether County Sheriff’s Office and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation revealed that the item was harmless. The investigation revealed that the item inadvertently fell out of a vehicle during student drop off procedures at the school. We still went through our safety procedures and checked the building prior to returning the children back to the school to ensure that the scene was safe. School Administrative Personnel and Staff did a very good job of evacuating the school and providing for the safety of the students during the process.” Sheriff Chuck Smith said.

Meth Lab Investigation on Gilbert Road in Manchester, Georgia.

Narcotics Agents representing the Meriwether and Upson County Sheriff’s Offices and Thomaston Police Department responded to 1680 Gilbert Road in Manchester at the request of the G.B.I.’s Region Two Office in Columbus to investigate a reported methamphetamine lab. “Our task force agents met with Manchester Police at the home and discovered a homemade meth lab in an outbuilding on the property. During the investigation approximately two grams of suspected methamphetamine, household lye, liquid fire, drain opener, plastic tubing, coffee filters, plastic liter bottles, Sudafed and other generic cold remedy blister packs were discovered,” Sheriff Chuck Smith said. Eric Lance Trice, 38, of Manchester was arrested at the scene. Warrants charging Trice with possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug related objects, possession of substances with intent to manufacture a scheduled I or schedule II controlled substance and manufacturing methamphetamine were issued by Manchester police. Manchester Fire Department responded and assisted with the decontamination process. Coastal Claim Environment Clean Up team from Valdosta responded to dispose of all hazardous materials.





Felony Theft by Conversion

“On January 21, 2015 the Meriwether County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Division and School Resource Division arrested Sherrie Turner White, 55 years of age, of 209 Walker Drive, Manchester, Georgia for the offense of Felony Theft by Conversion. White is charged with converting funds in excess of $33,000.00 to her own personal use from the Meriwether Association of Educators. White was the President of this organization that teachers and para-pros pay into monthly in order to have legal services if needed. The reported conversion of the funds occurred on or between November 2012 and December 2014 while White served as President.” Sheriff Smith said.

“The incident was discovered when the Meriwether County Board of Education Administration was contacted by the bank in which the account was held regarding it being overdrawn. The School System Administration reported this to our School Resource Officer Supervisor. My Criminal Investigation Division picked up the investigation from there which resulted in an arrest warrant being issued for White. The investigation revealed that smaller amounts of funds were taken from the account originally and then increased dramatically over time. The funds were not sent to the Georgia Association of Educators and the investigation revealed that they were converted to her personal use. White was the signature authority on the checking account. According to information received, Sherrie White had been employed with the Meriwether County Board of Education for approximately 17 years and served as a Paraprofessional at the Greenville Middle/High School.” Sheriff Smith advised.

“This incident affects approximately 64 teachers and para-pros that had been paying into this fund for legal service coverage. Sherrie Turner White is currently being held in the Meriwether County Sheriff’s Office Jail on $67,000.00 bond at this time.” Sheriff Smith stated.


Multi-Jurisdictional Drug Arrest

multi-jurisdictional drug arrest photo, jan. 21, 2015


On January 21, 2015 law enforcement officers from the The Meriwether County Sheriff’s Office, Upson County Sheriff’s Office, The Taylor County Sheriff’s Office, The Thomaston Police Department, and the Georgia Department of Corrections K-9 Unit simultaneously executed four search warrants during a drug investigation. Arrested in the investigation is WILLIAM MICHAEL “Bill” KELLY, 52, of 75 Pine Street in Woodbury, Ga. and 903 W. Main Street in Thomaston, Ga. A quantity of methamphetamine, cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy were located at Kelley’s residence in Meriwether County. He is charged with Trafficking in Methamphetamine, Possession of Cocaine with the Intent to Distribute, Possession of Marijuana with the Intent to Distribute, Possession of MDMA with the intent to distribute and Possession of a firearm while in the commission of a crime. There is no bond on the Meriwether County charges. Kelley is charged in Upson County with three counts of Sale of Methamphetamine. Additional warrants will be sought for Possession of Methamphetamine with the intent to distribute based on narcotics that were found on Kelley’s possession at the time of his arrest. Kelley is being held in the Upson County Jail. Bond has been denied. This investigation continues.


Chuck Smith, Sheriff, Meriwether County
Dan Kilgore – Sheriff, Upson County
Jeff Watson, Sheriff, Taylor County
Dan Greathouse, Chief, Thomaston Police Department


Former Senate Candidate Under Investigaton For Missing Funds From Friends of Roosevelt’s Little White House

On Wednesday, January 14, special agents with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Marshal’s Service and Meriwether County Sheriff’s Office officials arrested Brian Paul Roslund, 31, of Pine Mountain on warrants charging him with Theft By Taking and Racketeering. Roslund was arrested in Lawrenceville just before noon Wednesday. His arrest stems from an alleged theft investigation initiated by the G.B.I sometime around the first part of July 2014 through the latter part of October 2014. Roslund is currently being held in the Meriwether County Jail without bond.

Chuck Smith, Sheriff
Meriwether County, Georgia