8/30/13 Deadly Synthetic Herbal Incense

Sheriff Smith wants the public to be aware of this deadly new synthetic herbal incense called “Crazy Clown.”


On 08/23/2013 Sheriff Smith received the following information from the Brunswick-Glenn County Police:

In Brunswick last night, 8 people with life threatening symptoms were taken to the hospital.  They had each ingested a new ‘herbal incense’ by the name of Crazy Clown. The store selling this substance has since turned it all over to Brunswick-Glynn Co police. Please be aware that convenience stores and smoke shops in your jurisdiction could be endangering lives by selling this drug. It’s active ingredient is unknown. Symptoms are nausea,  vomiting, dry mouth, weakness, cardiac problems, but of note some subjects are locking down unable to move. Several were admitted to intensive care and are on life support. The drug has been sent to the crime lab for testing.

** Be aware a similar synthetic is being sold under the name “Zombie Killa”.

Sheriff Smith is asking for anyone who comes in contact with “Crazy Clown” or “Zombie Killa” to please contact their local law enforcement agency or call 911.


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