3/21/2013 – Home Owners Beware

Public Safety Notice/Scam Alert

Home Owners Beware:

Sheriff Chuck Smith wants to notify the citizens of Meriwether County about some recent scams that are occurring in our area. These scammers will go door to door promising quality work for low prices. These scams often include driveway repaving, chimney repairs, ductwork cleaning, roofing scams, storm damage repairs. Many of these scam operations are here today and gone tomorrow. They traverse from County to County and State to State. This makes locating, arresting and prosecuting them that much more difficult.


Some of these contractors have the appearance of legitimacy. They may have uniforms, business cards, trucks with a business logo and brochures to hand out. This is all part of their scheme to dupe unsuspecting people into giving them their hard earned money.


It is always best to do business with someone you know and trust or those that you have checked out prior to making any type of down payments to. There are resources available such as the Better Business Bureau that you can utilize to ensure that you are dealing with a reputable company. Look these companies up on the local Better Business Bureau website to see if there are complaints.


A best practices approach is to ensure that these companies are properly licensed and insured, get at least 3 bids, get and check references, and never provide a deposit of more that 25% and never give that deposit until the day they show up to perform the job. This approach will help in the prevention of citizens being scammed by these individuals. Especially, when you don’t know anything about whether they are who they are claiming to be.


A recent scam was averted here in Meriwether County when a family member was able to intervene in the scheme involving a driveway being paved.


Sheriff Smith wants the citizens of Meriwether County to report any suspicious activity to your local law enforcement agency.

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