School Resource Officer

School Resource Officers

The Meriwether County Sheriff’s Office in partnership with the Meriwether County School District has three deputy sheriff’s serving as school resource officers. Lieutenant Royce Thompson is the commander of this unit. Deputies Roxie Hightower and Alva Sullivan work under his supervision in our area schools.



The mission of the School Resource Officer Program is to promote a safe learning environment for our youth in our schools. Our deputies work to reduce delinquency through various youth programs designed to instill educational values and promote personal success. Our SRO’s work to provide referral services to those in need to help reduce dependency or violent behavior.


Our School Resource Officers work diligently to serve our area youth and citizens within our community both in and outside of our schools. They strive to develop and sustain trusting relationships within the schools which leads to problem solving and developmental growth. Much of the success of theses deputies working within our schools can be credited to the collaborative partnership between the Meriwether County School District and Meriwether County Sheriff Chuck Smith. The SRO’s job duties include but is not limited to athletic security, serving as an investigative resource, traffic control, meeting with administrators, students and parents, assisting school staff members, school safety checks, drills and law enforcement classes.


The level of service provided challenges the deputies to contribute to an improved climate of safety and a safe learning environment. The SRO’s are an important part of our community, not only do they provide protection for the students and staff, they are also available to serve our citizens as well.


Our SRO’s engage in continuous education by attending various in-service and school related training seminars. They receive more than the required minimum Georgia POST training credits to stay up to date on the best policies and practices.


Meriwether County School System consists of seven schools. These officers work long hours during a normal work week. Sometimes 14-16 hours a day without complaining. Always understanding that at the end of the day “It’s all about the safety of the children“.

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