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Multi-County Burglary Suspects Arrested

On 08/11/2014 Meriwether County Sheriff’s Office Investigator’s with the assistance of the Taylor County Sheriff’s Office and Agents with the GBI executed a search warrant at 8491 Cedar Creek, Riverdale, Clayton County, Georgia in reference to a multi-county burglary investigation. Recovered from the location was jewelry, televisions, a compound bow, a lawn mower and check books. While our guys were executing the search warrant in Riverdale it appears that the perpetrators were doing another burglary in Talbot County, Georgia. The results of our search warrant not only resulted in the recovery of some stolen property but helped us positively identify our additional suspect in these investigations. We had arrest warrants already issued for Jason Roger Times of 8491 Cedar Creek Riverdale, Georgia. However, we were able to conclusively identify our second suspect in this matter as Christopher Hill of Clayton County, Georgia. Times turned himself into the Clayton County Jail on 08/11/2014 about 1700 hours and we were able to pick him up from there. Hill is still on the run and we have warrants out for his arrest.” Sheriff Chuck Smith said.

Our agency experienced a residential burglary in the 8500 block of Cove Road around May of this year. We had several reliable witnesses that observed a silver/gray in color Chevrolet Malibu occupied by two black males in close proximity to the burglary location. This was around the same time span that the burglary occurred. We began concentrating on the premise that these suspects were from outside our jurisdiction. This was partially based on intelligence that our investigators developed from some of our surrounding jurisdictions. Several of our neighboring counties had been experiencing similar burglaries but they had limited leads to work with. During the first part of August we had another burglary reported on Cove Road. In this burglary we were very fortunate that the homeowner had a surveillance system set up with the suspects and their vehicle being captured on video. Although the tag was not clearly visible on the vehicle we did have a good descriptive of the vehicle and the suspects. This also matched our earlier descriptive from the previous burglary in the cove area. Our investigators began flooding our neighboring jurisdictions with the most recent suspect data. We also made this wide spread to encompass the northwest and southwest portion of the state. We had the tape enhanced as much as possible and through this effort we were able to identify four of the numbers on the vehicle tag. We contacted GBI intelligence and they ran the vehicle make and model with the numbers that we believed we had determined. The results indicated a possible match for three vehicles in the state. At that time we contacted the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office seeking assistance with a Clayton County contact person since one of the vehicles in question came back to Riverdale, Ga. this being the closest address to our jurisdiction. The Fayette County Sheriff’s Office assisted us with contact information and also ran the tag through their tag reader recorded data base. The tag reader made a recent hit confirmation in Fayette County along with a photograph of the vehicle. Everything revealed a match along with the identity of the driver. The vehicle owner was identified as the Times subject. Once we obtained booking photos and previous arrest information on Times we knew we had identified one of our perpetrators. The tag reader also gave us additional vehicle information on the suspects due to them being in a different vehicle on a separate occasion. The vehicle information from a separate tag reader hit being consistent with a burglary in Coweta County, Georgia. The combination of information obtained from some of our witnesses, video from one of our victims, the sharing of information between our neighboring agencies, the tag reader data base and just good hard work by members of my staff has led too and will clear multiple burglaries in numerous counties by arrest.” Sheriff Smith advised.

This burglary crime spree as we now know encompassed the counties of Coweta, Taylor, Talbot, Marion, Schley and Meriwether County, Georgia. These subjects are also suspects in several other neighboring jurisdictions. At the present time we have Times and Hill linked to multiple burglaries in our county and they are linked to at least one burglary in each of the above listed counties. We are still tracking down leads related to these offenses and will most likely be able to link them to several more offenses in our jurisdiction. Jason Roger Times is currently being held in the Meriwether County Sheriff’s Office Jail without bond. We have outstanding warrants for Christopher Hill and we have reason to believe that he is still in the metro Atlanta area.” Smith stated.

I appreciate the work and effort put forth by my personnel to identify these perpetrators, recover property and get one of them behind bars. We still have much work to be completed in investigation in our attempt to recover additional properties and to capture Hill. Cpl. Nash, Deputy Holland, and Taylor County Investigator’s have worked and are continuing to work diligently on these cases. Our 911 personnel also assisted us in the enhancement and identification of those valuable tag numbers on the suspect vehicle. I definitely appreciate the witnesses coming forward and providing us with valuable real time information as well as the homeowner who was able to provide a video tape of our perpetrators. All of the other agencies that have been involved and assisted with these investigations in a collaborative effort we appreciate them as well.

I ask for the communities continued assistance and support in providing us with information regarding these matters. If anyone has any additional information regarding this matter or other illegal activities please give us a call at (706) 672-4489, callers can remain anonymous.” Sheriff Smith stated.

• UPDATE – On August 16, 2014 Christopher Allen Hill, B/M, DOB. 03/16/1989 was arrested in Clayton County, Georgia on our warrant for his arrest. Hill has since been picked up by our agency as of 08/16/2014 about 1652 hours and is being held without bond in the Meriwether County Sheriff’s Office Jail on burglary charges.

NOTE – Members of the media who wish to have an A&B report should contact the Meriwether County Sheriff’s Office Jail and upon proper form completion under Georgia Law said item will be provided.