CHAMPS Camp 2017

This year Meriwether County Sheriff Chuck Smith sponsored 4 students (3 girls and 1 boy) this past week to the CHAMPS Camp at the Georgia Sheriff’s Youth Home, Pineland Campus, located in LaGrange, Ga. The kids activities were: swimming, fishing, canoeing, volleyball, softball, nature walks, classes on life skills (ex: bullying, CPR/Basic first aid, how to handle adversity) talent show, dance and a graduation ceremony.

“There were five different agencies at the camp this past week to include: Meriwether County, Peach County, Sumter County, Paulding County and Fort Valley PD. There were around 86 kids there and it was amazing to see how the kids adjusted and got alone so well with each other. The kids from one of the counties did not have any snacks with them but all the kids who did, shared without being asked. The camp counselors were awesome, they did a great job with the kids. They made sure all of them felt special. For some of the kids this was their first time being away from home. I’m very proud of them all.” Sgt. Roxie Hightower School Resource Officer/CHAMPS Instructor advised.

“We are very fortunate to be able to sponsor some of our area students to attend this camp. The fact that it is so close in proximity is an added benefit. We were able to sponsor around 10 youth this past year but due to some unforeseen circumstances this year several of our youth that were signed up could not attend. I will continue to be supportive of the youth especially in our community as they are our future leaders. The positive impact that we can make in their lives now, hopefully will pay dividends in their future. Serving on the board at Pineland I will continue to support this worthy cause through our efforts and the Georgia Sheriff’s Association. I was able to attend several of the events that were held this past week and it was great. I also want to thank Kimble’s Commissary who is one of our community partners and they helped us with snack packs for the kids. Kimble’s is also a great advocate for Pineland and have been for years.” Sheriff Smith said.