Burglary and Narcotics Arrests made following a Crime Suppression Operation conducted by the Meriwether County Sheriff’s Office with support provided by Neighboring Jurisdictions.

Meriwether County Sheriff Chuck Smith reported that his personnel and supporting agencies had made numerous recent arrests for the above listed offenses.

“During the month of October our community began experiencing a higher than normal rate of burglary occurrences. As we began investigating these offenses we obtained various pieces of evidence that led us to believe these incidents were being committed by the same person(s) using the same method of operation. We compiled our data and sent it out to all surrounding jurisdictions via BOLO. We learned that Coweta County Sheriff’s Office were investigating similar burglaries in their jurisdiction. We established a crime suppression operation for better utilization of personnel in our effort to apprehend those responsible. We had personnel working on their off days and we changed shift assignments to effect this operation. We got a break in the case when our investigator tracked down and recovered stolen property in a pawn shop in College Park, Georgia. Our investigators were able to obtain video tape evidence from the pawn shop. We were able to get a possible identification of the male subject depicted in the video through a collaborative effort between us, Coweta County Sheriff Investigators and Newnan Police, who were familiar with this subject. We positively identified the subject after further interviews with witnesses. The subject was identified as Antonio Eugene Harris, Jr., 24 years of age, last known address being 409 Al Roberts Road, Senoia, Ga. We also discovered that Harris had an outstanding parole violation warrant out for his arrest and a aggravated assault warrant out of Newnan P.D. Our investigation revealed that Harris was using several different vehicles when he committed these offenses. Some of these vehicles were rental cars from the Atlanta area and some were obtained from individuals in the Newnan area. The fact that Harris was utilizing multiple vehicles and was staying at multiple locations including Metro Atlanta area, this made it difficult for us and Coweta County Sheriff’s Officials to track him down. On Friday, December 11, 2015 Coweta County Deputies executed a traffic stop on a vehicle in which Harris was driving on Corinth Road in Coweta County, Ga. Harris was taken into custody at that time. On December 16, 2015 Harris was booked and charged with 13 burglaries in Meriwether County related to offenses that occurred on Beulah Evans, Cleggs Ferry, Dolly Harris, Luthersville, Dean, Owens, Mt. Carmel, Allie, Cove, Hugh O’Neal, and River Roads along with Whitehouse and Hunter Welch Parkway. Harris is currently being housed in the Coweta County Jail on burglary charges in that jurisdiction along with the warrants for aggravated assault and parole violation from Newnan.” Sheriff Smith stated.

“We also recorded additional arrest while conducting our crime suppression operation related to several drug related offenses as well as an additional burglary arrest.

10/13/2015 Joshua Martin, B/M, 19 yoa. add. 20040 Hwy 85, Gay, Ga. was arrested during a traffic stop on Griffin Hwy @ Hwy 85 for the offense of Possession of Marijuana, less than an ounce.

10/15/2015 Vadarius Godfrey, B/M, 18 yoa. add. 286 Opal Street, Luthersville, Ga. and a 15 year old B/M juvenile were arrested following a traffic stop for the offense of Possession of Marijuana, less than an ounce. The traffic stop occurred on Hunter Welch Parkway, Luthersville, Ga.

10/16/2015 Jerry Paris, Jr., W/M, 41 yoa. add. 215 Fleming Road, Luthersville, Ga. was arrested on a traffic stop for the offense of Possession of Marijuana, less than an ounce. The traffic stop was conducted on Gilbert Circle, Luthersville, Ga. after the vehicle exited Teal Lane.

10/20/2015 Curtis Jackson, W/M, 44 yoa. add. 1223 Panther Creek Road, Luthersville, Ga. was arrested in a wooded area on Panther Creek Road, Luthersville, Ga. Jackson was charged with the offenses of V.C.C.S.A. Possession of Methamphetamine, Drugs not in Original Container and a warrant for Misdemeanor Probation Violation.

10/21/2015 Kimberly Dodd, W/F, 39 yoa. add. 520 Moody Road, Manchester, Ga. was arrested after a traffic stop for the offenses of Possession of Marijuana, less than an ounce and failure to maintain lane. The traffic stop was conducted on Raleigh Road at Buford Fowler, Manchester, Ga.

10/27/2015 James Gilbert, W/M, 27 yoa. add. 39 Akers Lake Road, Moreland, Ga. was arrested after a traffic stop for the offense of Possession of Methamphetamine. The traffic stop was conducted after Gilbert was observed driving in a reckless manner on Oakland Road at Sullivan Mill Road, Senoia, Ga.

On 11/16/2015 we charged Marcus Sharrod Coleman, B/M, 36 years of age, address of 36 Park Lane, Alvaton, Ga. with 2 counts of Burglary from two separate burglaries from a residence on Mt. Carmel Road. These offenses occurred in September 2015. Coleman was also charged with a Felony Theft by Taking involving lottery tickets from the Alvaton Food Mart. Our investigators were able to collect DNA evidence from the burglary offenses. Once we established Coleman as our primary suspect we were able to expedite the process of our known sample and our suspect sample to the GBI Crime Lab. We received a positive match back from the GBI Crime Lab as to Coleman’s involvement in the burglary offenses. He is currently being held in the Meriwether County Jail on these charges along with a felony probation violation. Our investigators did a very good job in processing this scene that gave us the physical evidence as well as tracking down our leads necessary to make this arrest.” Sheriff Smith stated.

“I appreciated the effort put forth by my personnel and all supporting agencies to include but not limited too; the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office, Newnan P.D., Harris County Sheriff’s Office and the Georgia Department of Community Supervision in making these case investigations and multiple arrest a success. This has been a collaborative effort put forth by all involved. I know that several of our neighboring jurisdictions have been experiencing a tremendous amount of burglary offenses lately. I would like to encourage everyone to make a list with serial numbers, descriptive and photos of all their valuables. Record them down and make several copies to put away in safe keeping if it is ever needed. Also update your list on a periodic basis. Always call 911 with any suspicious activity in your neighborhood that’s what we are here for; too serve you.” Sheriff Smith advised.