Criminal Investigation Division (CID)

The Criminal Investigations Division (C.I.D) handles the investigation aspect of the agency into cases ranging from simple thefts to homicides.

C.I.D. is comprised of three full time Investigators. Investigators are primarily assigned difficult cases based on evidence, crimes, or lack of evidence at the time, where long hours may be involved, the investigators ARE an integral part to the Meriwether County Sheriff’s Office.

Investigators duties are, but are never limited to;

A large part is to search for evidence that reveals or establishes the identity of a crime’s perpetrator. The type of search conducted depends upon the crime committed.

Criminal investigators routinely interview witnesses, victims and suspects. The purpose of these interviews is to assess the veracity of the suspect and victim’s stories, and to unearth testimony that would help a prosecutor decide whether to bring a case.

Some criminal investigators are required to conduct covert surveillance of suspects or witnesses. Surveillance may occur through visual monitoring of the target, or through court-authorized surveillance.

Criminal investigators are often required to appear in court proceedings as expert witnesses. They are entitled to give their professional opinion as to the likelihood of whether a crime occurred, whether it occurred in a certain manner, or whether the suspect is likely to have been involved.

After conducting research on a case and gathering evidence, a criminal investigator must write a detailed report summarizing the research performed and conclusions drawn. The report may include photographs, drawings, graphs and other analyses that help support the investigator’s conclusions as to the evidence. Prosecutors frequently use these reports to prosecute a case.
Investigators frequently present cases in Grand Jury, and preliminary hearings before a case may be moved forward for prosecution.

Criminal investigators are responsible for determining the duration, scope and direction of an investigation. This can encompass a wide variety of crimes.