Jail & Detention Division

The Meriwether county Jail, is the responsibility of Capt. Gregg Luescher.

The detention officers fall under his command.

The work of a corrections officer is largely determined by where he or she is employed. For example, a corrections officer who works in a pre-trial detention facility (County Jail), works with people who are awaiting trial because of a recent arrest, or those being housed for state facilities. This particular type of corrections officer is also known as a detention officer, or Jailer and they are responsible for ensuring that individuals obey certain rules and regulations as they await trial or await transport or sentencing to the state prison system.

While there are many types of corrections officers, all deal with the general population inside jails and prisons.

The duties and responsibilities of jailers, clearly defined are:

o Booking of prisoners which includes taking fingerprints and photos and
conducting searches; writing reports.

o Working varying shift assignments with varying days off is required to provide staffing twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, including recognized holidays.

o Working overtime is frequently required.

o Some assignments (transport) require jailers to accompany Certified Deputies when transferring inmates from one facility to another.

The duties require all the assignments listed below on a rotating basis.

o To work directly with prisoners in the individual living areas, seeing to it that they are fed; that the modules are kept clean; escorts prisoners throughout the facility and that interpersonal conflicts are constructively resolved.

o Booking Assignment – Books in arrestee, takes photos and fingerprints; conducts searches and inventories property as well as providing a brief orientation to new jail residents.

o Visitation – Escorts prisoners to and from visitation and is responsible for providing visitation room security and filling out assorted paperwork.

o Radio Room/ Tower – Watches video monitors within the jail to detect unauthorized movement. Responsible for controlling the jail’s interior and perimeter security systems, which allows jailers and inmates to move throughout the facility as need or directed.

o Perimeter Patrol-Jailers periodically foot patrol the exterior of the jail and inspect the fence line, and exterior walls of the jail for possible breaches in security, or contraband left near the facility by outside entities.

o Pod Assignment- This jailer is in an isolated or enclosed observation room, watching several dorms at any given time for trouble. and reports his/her findings to the appropriate supervisor for action to be implemented.

The job of a jailer is a stressful one which requires strong communication skills and the ability to bring calm resolution to any situation at any given time. The jail would not be able to function without the jailer.