Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is the responsibility of Lt. Chris Worden and is the “backbone” and most visible division of the Sheriff’s Office. The primary responsibility of the Patrol Division is to provide 24-hour protection and services to the citizens of and visitors to Meriwether County. The division is comprised of 22 certified law enforcement officers. The Patrol Division is divided into four squads, each squad operates with a sergeant, a corporal and at least 2 deputies.

The approximately 500 square miles of Meriwether County are divided into patrol zones. Deputies are assigned zones on a rotating basis allowing each deputy to stay familiar with all patrol areas. This system has proved to be both highly effective and efficient.

The Patrol Division also operates a take home vehicle program which allows vehicles to be assigned to individual deputies and permits quick response time to emergencies from their residences. The program is also highly cost effective as the per unit maintenance costs are reduced due to better care and accountability.