Inmate Assaulted

Sheriff Smith reporter that on 08/11/2013 at about 1700 hours, an inmate that was incarcerated in the Meriwether County Jail Facility,  reported being assaulted by another inmate while being in their night lock down cell. Sheriff Smith stated that as soon as jail personnel were made aware of the reported incident our on-call investigative unit responded to investigate. Although there was a delay in reporting the incident which was purported to have occurred on 08/10/2013 at or about 2300 hours, our investigation was thorough, Smith said. We conducted our interviews and gathered evidence related to the complaint.

Sheriff Smith advised that on 08/13/2013, after gathering the facts related to the initial investigation into this matter, there was sufficient evidence to file criminal charges against the reported assailant. Smith stated that Amier S. Steed, a black male who is 20 years of age, has been charged with the offence of Aggravated Sodomy 2 counts. Steed was being held on a violation of probation charge prior to this arrest. Steed is being held without bond on these charges.