Meriwether County Sheriff’s Office Jail Officer arrested after an undercover operation in reference to contraband being brought across guard lines and into jail facility

Meriwether County Sheriff Chuck Smith reported that on November 23, 2015 around 11:00 p.m. his personnel arrested a jailer at the Meriwether County Sheriff’s Jail after a 3 week undercover operation in regard to contraband being brought into the facility.

“While conducting further investigation into our mass shooting event on Hillhaven Road, Greenville, Ga. our personnel discovered that one of our arrested offenders had marked his jail uniform with gang sign markings which we recovered. During this follow-up investigation our primary case investigator intercepted numerous communications that indicated that contraband was being brought into the jail. Indications from the intercepted communications were that one of our jail personnel was involved in getting the contraband inside. We had to decipher coded communication to determine who was involved and how the transactions were taking place. We set up several covert surveillance operations in our effort to intercept the illegal items being brought in. Tonight we executed this operation on our employee due to safety concerns for our facility and what else may be attempted to be brought in. We were able to obtain written communication off of our employee from these inmates reference the contraband being brought in. We had conducted several jail shake downs operations while this investigation was underway and did recover prohibited contraband from our target cell block. We executed a search warrant at the residence of our employee on Gay Road, Greenville, Ga on the night of his arrest as well and were able to seize other items of evidentiary value related to this investigation.” Sheriff Smith stated.

Dominique Rashawn Reeves was arrested for the offenses of (Felony) Crossing Guard Lines with Drugs, Possession of Marijuana with intent to Distribute, Possession of Schedule II MDMA (Molly) with intent to Distribute, Unlawful use of a Communication in Committing or Facilitating Commission of a Felony, Items Prohibited for Possession by Inmates and Violation of Oath by a Public Officer. Reeves is being held without bond at another undisclosed jail facility. Reeves employment with the Meriwether County Sheriff’s Jail has been terminated.

“I take this very seriously when one of our own not only violates the public’s trust along with jeopardizing the integrity of this office. Not to go without mention regarding the safety and security of this facility. I will not tolerate this behavior under my administration and this case will be submitted to the District Attorney’s Office for prosecution. We will be making additional arrest of suspects that delivered the contraband to the jailer for distribution to the inmates. I appreciate the dedication of my personnel that have spent many long hours over a short period of time to make this investigation come to a successful conclusion. My led investigator has done an excellent job with this case by putting forth extra effort. I want to also thank the Upson Regional Narcotics Task Force that has assisted us with this operation with manpower allocations.” Sheriff Smith advised.