Mold growth and clean up

If you are the owner of a property one of the worst things that can happen is mold. Mold in houses are created when moister gets trapped and cannot escape. If you think you have mold in your house it might be a good idea to get a mold inspection done and since time is crucial in order to minimize the spread of the mold it is good to have mold testing done as soon as you notices some of these early warning signs:

• The first thing that most people think about when it comes to detecting mold is the smell. Mold has a very strong smell and we as humans are hard wired to notice it since it can be dangerous to our health. A mold inspector can also confirm that the smell is from mold and not from another problem.

• If you find yourself having headaches or constant colds it might be an early sign of mold and having a contractor coming in and preforming a mold testing can be a good idea.

• If the wallpaper is starting to crumble that is a sign of moister in the walls and that is one of the best breeding grounds for mold so to find out why there is moister behind the wallpaper and fixing the problem that is found is a good way to stop mold from taking hold in the first place.

• Newly built houses are very friendly on the wallet when it comes to heating and cooling because they are very well insulated and not as drafty as old houses. For the same reason they are more prone to mold infestations since any water or moister that is getting trapped cannot escape as easy as it could in old and drafty houses.

• If you live in a humid climate and do not run the A/C unit for a while mold can start growing in the house as the moist, hot and standing air is perfect for mold to start growing in. This is common with vacation houses or cottages where many people are trying to save money by not running the A/C while not present but that can cost in the long run when the mold gets a hold in the property. Better then to let the A/C run but at a high temperature to keep cooling cost down while not there.

How to perform a mold clean up

Mold remediation when performed by will be different depending on a number of things from what kind of mold that has infected the house and how wide spread the growth is as well as where the mold is growing. If you only have a small amount of mold behind a wallpaper and you know why the mold got there e.g. something was spilled a while ago against the wallpaper then simply removing the wallpaper in the room and cleaning out the mold might be enough.

If you do not know why you have mold or if you start removing layers from the walls but you cannot find the source of the mold it is time to bring in a professional. The good news is that mold removal has gotten much better over the years it used to be that mold could sometimes not be stopped and the whole house had to be rebuilt these days almost all mold infestations can be dealt with. However, mold removal can be a very expensive thing depending on some different factors including:

• The source of the mold. If the mold is growing because a pipe is leaking it could have spread through out the house inside most of the walls and the walls might have to be opened up to remove the mold and a plumber will have to be contacted in order to fix the plumbing.
• If the mold is from a leaking roof it will often mean that the whole roof needs to be replaced since mold can easily spread through the roof especially if there is an attic. As heat rises it gets stuck in the attic before leaking outside keeping the attic hot and providing a breeding ground for mold.
• If the mold is in the A/C unit it often means that the mold has spread throughout the house and giving the right circumstances it can get hold in many different spaces. In cases like this it is often needed to inspect most of the house for mold to make sure it did not spread.

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