Multiple Drug Arrest and a Subject Wanted in an Armed Robbery in Columbus Apprehended in Meriwether County

Meriwether County Sheriff Chuck Smith reported that his agency has made several recent drug arrests along with apprehending a subject that was wanted in an Armed Robbery of a CVS Pharmacy in Columbus, Ga.

“On April 14, 2016 at around 4 pm, our patrol and civil service unit were in the 100 block of South Main Street in Luthersville, Ga. attempting a civil service. Our personnel were told that the subject of the civil service was not at the location and were provided a descriptive of the vehicle in which he was occupying along with a possible location of his whereabouts. Our units began checking the area of Railroad Street, Luthersville, Ga. at which time they observed a vehicle fitting the description of the one the subject of service was reported to be in. As they made approach to the front of the residence, located at 85 Railroad Street they observed several subjects. One of the subjects had a clear container in his possession. During this encounter with the subject the deputy could see that the container contained a green leafy substance and he could detect the strong odor of marijuana in the area. The subject who was identified as Jaccori Favors walked away from the deputy toward the side of a residence. Further investigation into this matter revealed the presence of over 3 ounces of marijuana along with digital scales. Deputies arrested Jaccori Favors, B/M 21 years of age of said address along with Quandez Dean, B/M, 17 years of age of Calico Loop, Grantville, Ga. for the offense of Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Distribute. Both Favors and Dean were transported to the Meriwether County Jail. Favors was additionally charged with Crossing the Guard Lines with Drugs after he was found to be in possession of more marijuana that he had concealed on his person.

On April 15, 2016 around 6:30 pm., our patrol units responded to the 1900 Block of Collier Davis Road, Manchester, Ga. in regard to a welfare check. Upon arrival on the scene a family member told the deputies that Daniel Moore, Jr. was at the residence causing a disturbance. It was reported that Moore was in possession of a knife along with some pills and that he may have possibly been involved in a robbery in Columbus, Ga. Our units made contact with the Columbus Police Department and were informed that Daniel Moore, Jr. was suspected in an Armed Robbery that had occurred at the CVS Pharmacy at 3617 Hilton Avenue, Columbus, Ga. According to the Columbus P.D. the suspect jumped over the counter at the pharmacy armed with a knife and forced the Pharmacy personnel to give him prescription medication. Our personnel recovered the knife along with a portion of the prescription medication that was reported to have been taken from the CVS. Daniel Moore, Jr., W/M, 25 years of age, of Columbus, Ga. was transported to Columbus, Ga. and was later charged by the Columbus Police Department with the offense of Armed Robbery. The stolen prescription medication was valued at around $1,800.00.

On April 17, 2016 around 0154 am. one of our patrol deputies made a traffic stop on Hwy 18 at its intersection with Country Club Road, Woodbury, Ga. in reference to an equipment violation. Upon further investigation into this matter it was determined that the driver and occupant were in possession of less than an ounce of marijuana. The marijuana was located inside a mason jar that was inside the center console of the vehicle. The driver of the vehicle Daniel Keith McNelly, W/M, 20 years of age, of N. Bethel Street, Thomaston, Ga. and the front seat passenger Dylan Lee Rutledge, W/M, 20 years of age of Plantation Lane, Locast, Ga. were charged with the offense of Possession of Marijuana, less than an ounce. They were transported to the Meriwether County Jail and charged as stated.

During the month of April the Meriwether County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Division received an anonymous complaint in regard to possible illegal drug activity being conducted at a residence in the 2000 block of Garner Road, Gay, Ga. Our drug agents began to gather further intelligence on this location along with information related to the occupant. Through the course of the investigation enough information was developed to identify that the illegal activity was taking place. On April 22, 2016 our drug agents and patrol deputies responded to the location and made contact with the resident who was identified as Kristina Godfrey, W/F, 33 years of age of 2033 Garner Road, Gay, Ga. A search of the residence revealed 20.7 grams of marijuana, several metal smoking devices along with a grinder. These items were located in the master bedroom closet. Godfrey was transported to the Meriwether County Jail and charged with Possession of Marijuana.” Sheriff Chuck Smith stated.