“Suga Shack” on Zebra Lane Torn Down

Meriwether County Sheriff Chuck Smith reported that the dilapidated building referred to as the “Suga Shack” at the dead end portion of Zebra Lane, Grantville, Ga. has been torn down as of July 27, 2016. This location had been the scene of an aggravated assault and aggravated battery back in May 2016. Arrests have been made in that incident.

   photo of Suga Shack “During the course of our investigation into the shooting incident that took place on Zebra Lane, we learned that the incident originated at a dilapidated building referred to as the “Suga Shack” which is at the dead end of Zebra Lane. There was a large gathering at this location as well as in a large open field adjacent to this building. Once we were able to identify the actual property owner through our investigation contact was made. It was learned that the elderly property owner resided out of the county and had not been to the property in many years. The elderly property owner had taken possession of the property from a deceased relative. A subject who resided in the area was supposed to be tending to the property by cutting the grass. The property owner had no knowledge that there was any type of gatherings being held on the property. As we looked into the matter further it was discovered that a storage shed that was on the property had been moved and added on by means that were not up to code. There also was electricity that had been run by means other than what is required by code as well. The electricity was spliced or jumped through another building that was on the property. We contacted Meriwether County Building and Zoning who deemed that all of this and other issues with the building were not up to code. The building was then condemned by the Meriwether County Building and Zoning Department. The building was deemed a major safety hazard and uninhabitable. The power company came out and shut the electricity off to the building. We also looked at the county plat map and it appeared that this building was across the property line due to these additions. The elderly property owner then had her property surveyed and it was determined that only a small corner of the building was on her property. The majority of the dilapidated building had been built on property that was now in the possession of Meriwether County due to delinquent/unpaid taxes. We then began working further with building and zoning and the elderly property owner regarding the building being torn down to prevent further gatherings at this location. We had already obtained the written consent of the elderly property owner to keep unauthorized person(s) off of her two adjacent lots. Once this was completed arrangements were made with the Meriwether County Public Works Department to come out and tear this building down. I am glad to report that this dilapidated building has been torn down and removed from the area.” Sheriff Chuck Smith stated.

suga shack demo 4

“I appreciate the Meriwether County Public Works Department, Public Works Director Tyrell Johnson, equipment operators Barry Lucas and Tavares Williams along with the other employees that assisted us with building and zoning in getting this dilapidated building torn down and removed from the area. It helped create a safer environment in this area. Not only from the prevention of unauthorized individuals from using this building for unlawful means but also the protection of the kids who live nearby that may try to explore to see what is inside. Through a collaborative effort between all of us we were able to get this accomplished. Several of the neighboring residents thanked us personally for getting this location torn down.” Sheriff Smith advised.