Arrest for Felony Escape, Felony Peeping Tom, Loitering and Prowling, Public Indecency, Criminal Trespass, And The Recovery of Stolen Property From Another Jurisdiction.

Meriwether County Sheriff Chuck Smith reported that his agency has made several recent arrest for Felony Escape, Felony Peeping Tom, Loitering and Prowling, Public Indecency, Criminal Trespass along with the recovery of stolen property from another jurisdiction.

“On January 2, 2018 around 12:30 pm our investigators arrested Randall Troy Elliott on an outstanding warrant for the offense of Felony Escape. On December 13, 2017 Elliott was sentenced by a Superior Court Judge in Meriwether Superior Court to 10 years to serve 2 years in prison for the offenses of Cruelty to Children 2nd Degree and Possession of Methamphetamine. Elliott was given a differed reporting date to start his sentence. Elliott was ordered to surrender to the Meriwether County Jail on January 2nd, 2018 at 0900hrs. On said date at said time Elliott had failed to report to the jail. Our investigative personnel then began the process of obtaining an arrest warrant for Elliott and actively seeking his whereabouts in areas that we knew him to frequent. He was placed on the GCIC computer system as wanted for Felony Escape. At 12:30 pm two of our investigators were able to locate Elliott in a room at the Kastle Inn on Millarden Road, Woodbury, Ga. Randall Troy Elliott W/M, 35 years of age, last known address of Lake Drive, Manchester, Ga. was taken into custody without incident. Elliott was transported to the Meriwether County Jail and will be held awaiting transport to the Ga. Department of Corrections to serve his original sentence. He will be brought back to face these additional charges at a later date.

On January 2, 2018 around 4:42 pm our narcotic supervisor was patrolling in the area of Swygert Road, Senoia, Meriwether County, Ga. The investigator observed the silhouette of a human figure partially covered in a blue tarp in a creek adjacent to a wooded area. Upon further investigation he discovered that the silhouette was a brass statue of a Military Serviceman. Adjacent to this statue was another similar statue, several brass plagues, a round seal of the U.S. Navy and a large globe. Our narcotics supervisor recalled a BOLO that had been sent out previously by our Chief Deputy around December 17, 2017. Further communication with the Chief about the ROCIC BOLO revealed that the items had been stolen from Rockdale County, Ga. Our units then began communication with the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office. As it turns out one of the Rockdale County Investigators was in Coweta County tracking down some leads that they had in the case. Their investigator came to our scene of the recovered stolen property on Swygert Road. We had a wrecker respond to the location to winch the extremely large and heavy objects from the water. Those recovered items were loaded up and transported back to Rockdale County. A Georgia Department of Natural Resources Ranger assisted us the following day in the collection of the other half of the brass globe that was submerged in the creek. The DNR Ranger got into the creek and was able to assist the wrecker in hooking up the remaining half of the 800 plus pound globe. We secured that half of globe in our impound lot until Rockdale County could respond to pick it up. We know that Rockdale County has been able to make at least one arrest related to this theft of their War Memorial. We will continue to assist Rockdale County in their continuing investigation of the theft of this sacred military sculpture as needed. It was advised that this sculpture had a dollar value of around $250,000, but I don’t know how to you put a price on something that honors those who serve this country in our military. Reportedly the suspect(s) stole this statue for scrap to support drug habits.

On January 3, 2018 around 11:05 pm. our units responded to a location in the county outside of Warm Springs, Ga. in regard to a reported prowler. The homeowner was inside his residence when he observed that his canine was acting erratic and began to growl. The resident then slipped out his front door at which time he observed a subject dressed in camouflage clothing wearing a toboggan peeping into his juvenile daughter’s bedroom window. Once the subject saw the homeowner he took off running through the woods. The homeowner gave chase however he lost the suspect in the woods. The homeowner then jumped into his vehicle and drove a short distance to a private dirt drive that is located behind the wooded area. The homeowner was able to locate a red in color Nissan Frontier Truck in which he was able to get a tag number. The homeowner then realized that he did not have his cell phone with him to call 911. He went back to his residence and retrieved his cell phone and then went back toward the location of the truck. The homeowner observed the vehicle traveling away from the private dirt drive while he was on the phone with 911. The homeowner lost sight of the vehicle just outside of Warm Springs City Limits. Our on call investigator responded to continue this investigation. Through the leads that had already been obtained based on the homeowners information provided and other investigative leads an arrest was made. Our lead investigator arrested Caleb Chapman Pitts, W/M, 25 years of age of Manchester, Ga. related to this case investigation. Caleb Chapman Pitts was charged with the offenses of Peeping Tom Felony, Public Indecency, Loitering and Prowling and Criminal Trespass. Pitts was booked into the Meriwether County Jail and later posted a $7,000.00 bond with conditions.” Sheriff Chuck Smith said.

“I appreciate the work that our personnel have done regarding these case investigations.” Sheriff Smith advised.