Juvenile Charged with making Terroristic Threats against a Presidential Candidate

Meriwether County Sheriff Chuck Smith reported that his agency in corroboration with the U.S. Secret Service charged a juvenile with Terroristic Threats and Acts in regard to death threats made against a Presidential Candidate.

“On March 25, 2016 the Meriwether County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Division along with the agents with the U.S. Secret Service took a 15 year old male juvenile into custody in regard to the offense of Terroristic Threats and Acts. The 15 year old youth went on social media and made death threats against Presidential Candidate Donald Trump. These death threats were posted within the last couple of days and were reported to the FBI Hotline who forwarded the information onto the U.S. Secret Service and our agency. The juvenile offender was charged and is being detained at the Columbus RYDC pending a hearing in juvenile court. Our investigators filed the paperwork through the Meriwether County Juvenile Court related to this matter. The Department of Juvenile Justice “DJJ” made the decision to detain the youth based on this incident along with previous law enforcement related information. There was another recent incident in similarity to this one that occurred in Troup County. I would strongly suggest that parents monitor their kid’s activities on social media. I know that it may be difficult to do at times with all the outlets kids have these days to use the internet. Hopefully parents can at least sit down and talk with their kids about the consequences of their actions. Use this as a prime example of what they should not be doing. It takes all of us working together to make our community stronger.” Sheriff Chuck Smith stated.