Additional Arrest In The Murder Investigation Of Kenneth Michael Spice

Sheriff Chuck Smith reported that additional arrest have been made in the murder investigation of Kenneth Michael Spice. As previously reported Timiquae Marquan Slaton was arrested for this crime and as the investigation continued additional arrest have been made related to this case.

“After we made the arrest on Timiquae Marquan Slaton involving the murder of Kenneth Spice we had additional leads and evidence that revealed we had more perpetrators in this case investigation. Once we gathered enough evidence through our investigation we were able to obtain arrest warrants for the other suspects in this matter. We have charged three other individuals in the case, two of which were involved in Spice’s murder and one that tampered with evidence related to the case.” Sheriff Smith advised.

“We have arrested and charged Keyon Derrell Marshall B/M, 22 years of age, address 210 Willie Price Road, Greenville, Ga. Marshall was charged with the offense of Tampering with Evidence, date of arrest 08/24/2015.

Alex Ezekiel Everett, B/M, 20 years of age, address 10 Ringer Road, Greenville, Ga. was charged with the offenses of Malice Murder, Armed Robbery, Tampering with Evidence and Concealing the Death of Another. Everett was arrested on 08/26/2015 and he is a brother to Timiquae Slaton.

Dionte Quartez Favors, B/M, 22 years of age, address 612 Martin Luther King Street, Greenville, Ga. Favors has been charged with Malice Murder and Concealing the Death of Another, date of arrest was 08/27/2015.

Timiquae Marquan Slaton, B/M, 22 years of age, address 140 Mallard Drive, Newnan, Ga., in addition to the murder charges has been charged with Armed Robbery. All defendants with the exception of Keyon Marshall are being held without bond on the charges stated. Marshall’s bond has been set at $20,000.00. Due to the nature of the offenses and for safety and security purposes we are housing some of the defendants at other agency jail facilities.” Sheriff Chuck Smith stated.

“Our investigators have worked diligently tracking down all leads in this case as they have come available. They have developed a tremendous amount of evidence in this case and that will increase once we get our remaining crime lab results back. I stated previously that just because an arrest has been made does not mean that we are through with this case. The additional arrest made shows that to be self-evident.” Sheriff Smith advised.