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Pooler Police Department, GA, Arrests Records, Jail Roster, Contacts

Updated on: April 24, 2023
Pooler Police Department
Postal Code
Chatham County
Phone Number
119 U.s. 80, Pooler, Georgia, 31322

The Pooler Police Department is a municipal police force located at 119 U.s. 80, Pooler, Georgia, 31322 is responsible for overseeing and maintaining security in the U.S. city of Pooler, Georgia. The Pooler Police Department, with its officers, are policing Pooler’s 27.85 sq mi (72.13 km2) square miles.

The Pooler Police Department strives to reduce the fear of crime by working with the public to preserve life, safeguard Pooler property, and promote personal responsibility.

Pooler, Georgia Police Arrests

Pooler law enforcement department arrests can range from minor offenses such as disorderly conduct, or public intoxication, to more severe crimes such as assault, or robbery. When the offender is arrested, the Pooler arresting officer will fill out a report documenting the arrest and the charges against the offender.

The Pooler Police Department maintains these Pooler arrest records in their database, which is updated regularly. These Pooler records can be obtained by the public, although there are some restrictions on the information that can be released.

How to Obtain Arrest Records

In general, Pooler City arrest records are considered public information, which means that anyone can request to get them. However, some details may be withheld, such as the names of juvenile perpetrators or the names of victims in certain cases. Additionally, some information may be redacted to protect the privacy of individuals involved in the incident.

Pooler Police arrest records can be gathered through the Pooler Police Department’s website, or by visiting the Pooler Police Department in person and submitting a request for the details. It is crucial to note that there may be costs associated with obtaining these records, and the system may take some time to complete depending on the volume of requests and the obtainability of the records. To receive the documents, you must provide a valid photo ID containing your name, picture, and address.

Pooler Georgia City Jail Roster

You may not find the offender online if you are searching for locked up inmate held at Pooler city jail. However, with how proficient the booking and delivery cycle is exhibited in the operational environment, the Pooler jail opts to keep the roster private. However, you can visit the Pooler jail in person at 119 U.s. 80, Pooler, Georgia, 31322, or contact the facility directly at 912-748-7333. Alternatively, if you cannot find the whereabouts of your inmate, you can inspect them at the Georgia Statewide inmate search website

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