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Coastal Transitional Center, GA, Inmate Search, Jail Roster, Location and Contacts.

Updated on: April 18, 2023
Coastal Transitional Center
Postal Code
Chatham County
Phone Number
309 Styles Avenue, Savannah, GA, 31415

Coastal Transitional Center, GA is a prison facility in Georgia that houses Georgia State perpetrators awaiting trial, offenders sentencing, and offenders convicts. The Georgia State prison can house 262 criminals.

Coastal Transitional Center is run by personnel working for the Georgia Department of Corrections To contact administrative personnel at the Georgia State prison, you can reach them at 912-651-0900.

Georgia State detention center is located at 309 Styles Avenue, Savannah, GA, 31415.

Coastal Transitional Center Inmate Search and Prison Roster

Georgia State facility makes inmates’ records available to the public. The public can search for Georgia State Prison offenders’ arrest records, mugshots, and court and judicial reports using the Georgia Department of Corrections’s website to find an inmate at Coastal Transitional Center.

If you can locate your loved one via the Georgia Department of Corrections’ website, contact the Coastal Transitional Center at 912-651-0900.

Procedure for Coastal Transitional Center Inmate Contact with the Public

Georgia State prison has rules that guide how the Georgia State Prison inmates interact with the public. Coastal Transitional Center’s rules are important to ensure safety for both inmates and the public.

Visitation at Coastal Transitional Center, GA

Visitation at Georgia State prison is done under a strict schedule. Only approved individuals who have filled out an application form to visit the offender are allowed to make visits to Georgia State facility. Approved visitors include those who have passed a background check by Coastal Transitional Center’s staff.

You can visit prisons at Georgia State facility on:
Saturday — 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Sunday — 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Phone Calls at Coastal Transitional Center, GA

Phone calls from Georgia State offenders to relatives or friends are permitted during the day, and all the calls to Coastal Transitional Center get recorded. Phone calls to Georgia State prison from the public to perpetrators s are not allowed. Only the inmates can make contact with competent people.

Sending Mail or Package to Coastal Transitional Center, GA

Writing and receiving mail from Georgia State inmates’ family and friends is permitted at Coastal Transitional Center. However, all mail received at Georgia State detention facility is opened and checked for illicit and unauthorized things.

Sending Money to Coastal Transitional Center, GA

Georgia State inmates require cash to be able to buy medication.

For easier deposit funds into Georgia State detainees’ accounts, the Georgia State detention center uses JPay.

For More Information about Coastal Transitional Center, GA

Visit the Georgia State detention facility website for more information on how to get in touch with the Georgia State inmate. Or how to get an application form for Georgia State inmate visitation and phone privileges. You can also search for information about the Georgia State locked up in the Georgia State detention facility directly at 309 Styles Avenue, Savannah, GA, 31415.

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